Purposeful LUXURY

We celebrate the power of individuality, and the ingenuity of tastemakers and independent fashion powerhouses.  Advocacy is a one-of-a-kind collective showcase presenting talents and their passions, new expressions of traditions and a different side of culture.

We will host several collective presentations and runway shows that will champion a variety of causes, spanning the realms of nature, culture, community and heritage, bringing meaning and purpose to luxury.

Ultimately, our shows are a celebration of creativity and collaboration, where talented independent designers and purveyors of fine jewellery come together to shape and influence the future of fashion and style. 

LUXE Life is Inspiring Happiness Transformative Being Original Special Moments


UltraLuxe is more than just an event – it’s a movement to redefine what luxury means. 

Through our events where the iconic, exceptional and meaningful converge, we will deliver collective moments of runway shows and tête-à-têtes to appreciate style, glamour and beauty the UltraLuxe way. 

Inspiring the Future

UltraLuxe is the perfect venue for jewellery and timepiece enthusiasts and collectors to connect with independent designers showcasing their iconic works that display their artistry, passion and dedication.

Advocacy presentations provide a platform for independent designers to showcase their creations and visions of the future of luxury. 

This first-of-its-kind exhibition held in 2022 presented 83 brands across fashion, jewellery and living style while fostering dialogue and inspiring the creative community.