JeweLuxe—the festival’s anchor exhibition was first organised a standalone show in 2017, showcasing more than 200 million-dollars (USD) worth of gems and jewels. 


In 2022, the show relaunched as UltraLuxe Festival, hosting over 80 designers hailing from across the globe ad different countries such as France, Italy, Brazil and the United States of America to Singapore, Thailand and India. 


The inaugural UltraLuxe Festival 2022 is conceptualised as a world-first in presenting a strategic, differentiated and expanded vision of luxury – directly from the talents and true to their passions. The mega-fair encompasses JeweLuxe, the curated collaborative Advocacy Show, and Singapore Watch Fair. 

UltraLuxe is now known as a platform for fashion enthusiasts and industry professionals witness a diverse range of fashion statements from acclaimed independent jewellery designers and watchmakers, celebrated fashion designers and living style brands. 

Our Leadership Team

Self-expression and quality are the key aspects that consumers value when it comes to luxury shopping.

Angela Loh
Founder, Ultraluxe
Festival Director for
Jeweluxe and Advocacy

“True luxury is not just about the price tag, but the story behind the piece. Independent designers bring a unique perspective and unparalleled creativity to the fashion world, offering a niche luxury that cannot be found in mass-produced items.”

The driving force behind Singapore’s remarkable ascent in the global jewellery industry, Angela is redefining the concept of niche luxury with UltraLuxe. 
In an industry dominated by established brands, Angela has an unwavering determination to foster an inclusive collaborative ecosystem for global international brands and independent talents to unite and shape the future of luxury.

It was a serendipitous moment that marked a seismic shift not just for Angela but the entire industry when she was invited by Singapore Tourism Board to helm JewelFest (2013-2016) as its festival director, where she led the creative concept and built it into a world-class event for Singapore as its first multi-million dollar jewellery retail exhibition.

Wanting to create a show for independent designers to engage with customers directly, Angela decided to branch out on her own and started JeweLuxe in 2017.  The goal was to introduce a 2-in-1 jewellery and watches multi-category showcase, 

Today, Angela has transformed Jeweluxe into a one-of-a-kind festival of all things luxury with Ultraluxe – showcasing inspiring designs of jewellery, timepieces, fashion and home design. By converging independent talents and renowned tastemakers,  Angela seeks to kickstart a new movement to present the concept of “purpose-focused” luxury. 

Nelson Lee
Festival Director for
Singapore Watch Fair

“As Singapore’s timepiece exhibition for watch enthusiasts and collectors, we have invited independent watchmakers and experts from the world of horology to present the best of watchmaking under one roof.”

Nelson is a true enthusiast at heart for the artistry of watchmaking. Living by the mantra “Fortune favours the bold.”, Nelson describes himself as a creative & culture provocateur.

He started his career in creative design from the age of 16 and is a serial digital entrepreneur.

Nelson’s passion for watches is infectious and he loves nothing more than sharing his knowledge and experience with others. The Singapore Watch Fair will bring together a curated selection of the world’s most talented watchmakers, who work outside the realm of large watch companies to showcase their exceptional craft and unique timepieces