Sylva & Cie

What sets Sylva & Cie apart from other jewellery designers is the use of natural elements that are hand-selected from across the globe. No two pieces designed are alike, making each piece as unique as the woman who wears them and thus appealing to the sophisticated customer. Sylva works with a rich variety of precious stones, including rubies, emeralds, and rose-cut diamonds, elegantly paired with 18K gold and meticulously hand-wrought with utmost care and attention to detail.

Born in Lebanon and raised in Paris, Sylva started her professional training at the craftsman’s bench under the skilled tutelage of her father who produced pieces for various prestigious jewellery houses in Europe including Cartier. Sylva & Cie is based out of Los Angeles and Hollywood celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence, Anne Hathaway, Taylor Swift, and Madonna have all worn Sylva & Cie pieces.