The AUTORE Group prides itself on being at theforefront in regards to jewellery design, researchingnot only jewellery trends but fashion, colour and textiledirections too.The AUTORE team of designers, technicians andjewellery experts strive to create innovative andcontemporary pearl jewellery. Under the highest levelsof quality control, each piece of jewellery is designedspecifically for pearls using the finest materials andcraftsmanship.Each pearl is individually hand-selected for each pieceof jewellery by skilled technicians who match the pearlsto the hues and tones that will best suit the preciousand semi-precious stones in each piece. The pearl isnot an accessory to the jewellery; it is the focus of thepiece.AUTORE Jewellery collections are synonymous withcombining spectacular aspects of nature as well asarchitectural heritage-inspired motifs. New collectionsare regularly designed, based on research and trendanalysis in jewellery, fashion, interiors and colourdirections. AUTORE also has a range of classic pieceswhich are the company’s best sellers and can be foundin the Timeless Collection. Within each collection,AUTORE has a range of pieces covering design andprice points from Ready to Wear jewellery, to Couture,one-off and bespoke pieces